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Amazon Africa - A Charitable Aid Organization
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Victoria Falls Lion Conservation
In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe there is a Lion conservation effort underway that is an amazing experience. First and foremost, it is for a good cause. There is no more noble cause than the conservation of...
There are plenty of things to do on vacation around the world. You can spend your time and money in an endless array of places doing on unlimited number of activities. I have gone to...
Poverty in Africa
What are the root causes of the poverty and hunger in Africa? Generally speaking, there are a several Key reasons for the poverty stricken state in Africa, such as; harmful economic systems, conflict, environmental factors...

Victoria Falls Lion Conservation

In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe there is a Lion conservation effort underway that is an amazing experience. First and foremost, it is for a good cause. There is no more noble cause than the conservation of mother earth and her inhabitants, in my modest opinion. This one is maybe the best experience of my life. You see there is an effort underway that can be joined by teens to adults. It will teach you valuable life long lessons regardless of your age and even better it will do a world of good for the natives and wildlife in the area.

There are layers to this experience and I want to try the best I can to peal a few away for you. Let’s start with the obvious, the effort of lion conservation in sub-Saharan Africa is very complex. Conservationists need to educate local communities on why lion conservation is so important in addition to preserving their national habitats and rehabilitating lion cubs for life in the wild. This is a much more important job than most westerners think.

It is mind blowing to see the lion cubs grow. They are very small in some instances. You can handle them until a certain age then it is left to professionals. They are being trained to re-enter the wild one day. This is a delicate process that is time consuming but it is increasing the local lion population unlike almost any other of its kind. I also helped with repairs to the park while I was there and we helped to educate the local population of humans why lion conservation is so important.

I think the time I spent there really made a difference but it wasn’t all hard work. Don’t let me misguide you. The area offers some of the most expansive views anywhere. It has crystal clear water and most importantly it has the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. At just the right time of year there is even a natural pool that forms with minimum current a few feet from where water plunges over the edge. This affords the adventurous type an opportunity to swim the devils pool as it is known to enjoy a very special thrill that only a very few will ever share.

All in all I would say that it was an experience that no-one should ever be denied. If you have the ability I would highly recommend that you try it. The conservation efforts in all of Africa are note worthy. They are very important to the environment and community structures. Many are free because you shouldn’t have to pay to volunteer. You may feel more fulfilled than you ever have or will again while you are there so be careful.

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We're still uncertain as to the status of the Amazon-Africa charity; while they are still listed on the database (, we cannot confirm that...
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There are plenty of things to do on vacation around the world. You can spend your time and money in an endless array of places doing on unlimited number of activities. I have gone to some pretty amazing places and experienced some awesome things. I can say that I have done things that people have on their bucket list. Even better I can say that I’ve done some things that people will never get stricken from their bucket list. You will never know what it is to live until you have visited some of the exotic places I’ve been. Places such as Alaska When the day is little more than a lighter shade of black. What about the northern lights? Ever witnessed them? Have you ever been able to walk on the great wall of china or see the great barrier reef?

You see, I know a good time from awe inspiring. There is fun and then there is inspirational. That is why you should believe me when I say that you will find some of the best places to go in Africa You will also find that some of the best things in the entire world to see, are in Africa. Africa is full of amazing things so if you are interested in going somewhere that will satisfy many of your human needs for thrills, adventure, beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, delicious food, awe inspiring history and an amazing wildlife interactions. You can go to Africa only one time and be changed forever nut you can go one hundred times and never see everything there is to see.

Let me run down a few of my favorites. If you go, I suggest you start in Egypt. Let me tell you right now that there is no comparison to the great pyramids or other enormous man made structures. There will be few experiences to compare to watching the sun rise over pyramids. You will love the people and the food, it’s a guarantee. When you are done with Egypt I highly recommend you visit Morocco. There you will find Marrakech, Merzouga and Fes. You will absolutely fall in love with the entire country. Kenya is where you will find some of the best Safari’s on the entire continent. You will also find Diani Beach another must see. Next is South Africa, you must see Cape Town for the sweeping views, beaches and gardens… Finally Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is the perfect place for lovers and families alike. Some of the most drastic views the world has to offer. You can see a Moonbow (Rainbow caused by a full moon shining through the cascade) or enjoy what some consider the best white water rafting the planet has to offer here.

Updated Amazon-Africa Links
We're still uncertain as to the status of the Amazon-Africa charity; while they are still listed on the database (, we cannot confirm that...
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Poverty in Africa

What are the root causes of the poverty and hunger in Africa? Generally speaking, there are a several Key reasons for the poverty stricken state in Africa, such as; harmful economic systems, conflict, environmental factors and population growth. The reason for the hunger is the poverty itself, of course. Interestingly the measure of poverty in the US is based on the lack of having those goods and services commonly taken for granted by members of mainstream society or in other terms, it is a measure of income inequality as in having significantly less access to income and wealth than other members of society. Many people who are suffering in the US due to the most recent down turn in the economy are often better off than poor people from Africa. Of course for those in the US, let’s say in Las Vegas which is a US city that has been especially hurt by the economic down swing, who are scanning the internet since their home is being repossessed by the bank, probably aren’t thinking: “I am so much better off than the poor in Africa, so my situation isn’t that bad!” However,it is true to some extent. Although undernourished is an issue for many of the poor in the US as is the threat of violence in many poor neighborhoods, at least in the US there are some safety nets for the very poor. In Africa the outlook is much more dire.

I was recently in Australia visiting a friend who took me to listen to a quest speaker at a First Ladies’ luncheon. These luncheon and breakfasts that are organized for business women are common in Australia and are a great way to network. After she spoke she came over to the table where I was seated and we were introduced. She has made her mark in real estate development and supports lots of charities. She was very interested in the root causes of the poverty and hunger in Africa and asked if I would send her additional information. I hope she will be able to work with us in the future.

Let’s review the underlying issues that we just discussed.

– Poverty –
This is the principle reason for wide spread hunger in Africa as well as elsewhere. Plainly speaking people do not have enough income to purchase the food they need to live. There are other causes that can contribute to hunger such as draught but the most typical situation is that most people do not have a sufficient income. A 2008 report shows 47% of the people of sub Saharan Africa live on $1.25 per day or less.

– Harmful Economic Systems –
Some believe the underlying cause of poverty is the regular operation of the world economy & political systems in general. The control of resources & income is based on economic, military and political power which usually is controlled by a very few, who live very well, while the majority can barely even survive. One way that those who are in positions of power obtain their income can be through widespread corruption.

– Conflict –
The principle source of human misery on this planet is CONFLICT. Not all refugees are caused by conflict or violence but most of them are. The poverty rate of countries affected by repeated cycles of violence over the last 30 years is an average of 20% higher than those without & in some cases much higher. People who live in counties that are currently being affected by violence are 2 times more likely to me undernourished and 50% more likely that they are impoverished. The children of such countries are 3 times as likely not be in school. The threat of violence causing serious injury or death is cause enough for people to leave their homes which requires they leave nearly everything & everyone you care about. People lose their house & land, possessions & income to go on a dangerous journey in search of safety which usually leads to a very meager existence in a refugee camp struggling to survive.

Although it might not seem likely, countries in which good laws are in place and enforced, legal services can remedy some of the harm caused by conflict. If you need a serious maritime lawyer because you are a maritime worker who was seriously injured on the job, you might be able to find legal assistance at Maritime lawyers practice the law as it pertains to navigable fresh waters ( rivers / canals / the Great Lakes waterway) in the United States, as well as to open waters such as in the Gulf of Mexico or along the coastal seaboard of the US. Although this may not apply to all of Africa, there are many countries where help and justice are available to those who can afford to pay for legal help.

– Environment –
Environmental challenges such as erosion, desertification, deforestation & worst of all draught are ravaging Africa. These factors have risen poverty and hunger because the reduce the production of agriculture which directly effects income. The environment has been exploited by humans which has caused many of these challenging factors.

– Population Growth –
The population of Africa has been increasing rapidly. It has grown from 221 million people in 1950 to 1 billion people in 2009. Africa has the largest population rate growth & is the world’s poorest continent. This rapid growth is a major contributor to the growing hunger & poverty there.

Amazon – Africa Aid

Welcome to Amazon – Africa Aid
Amazon-Africa Aid is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization supporting the Fundação Esperança, a Brazilian nonprofit organization that has been providing health and education to the inhabitants of the Amazon for over 30 years. We rely heavily on volunteer and donor support. Join us and make a difference!
Our Vision
Pablo Picasso said, “Anything you can imagine is real.” At Amazon-Africa Aid, we believe that anything you imagine can be made into a reality. We imagine a world of healthy, educated, and happy children who have clean water to drink and fresh air to breath. Amazon-Africa Aid was started with the dream of affecting change – change in existing conditions and changes in people’s attitudes.


Why is any organization founded?
Organizations are founded because one or more people have a passion for a cause. The Fundação Esperança, a Brazilian nonprofit that has been providing health and education along the Amazon for over 30 years, was losing its funding from its long standing American counterpart, who had a change in philosophy, leadership, and vision.

Dr. Bill Chase, Ron Bertagnoli, and Dr. Daniel Weiss were passionate about the work of the Fundação Esperança, and could not bare to think what would happen to the thousands of people who are effected by the Fundação Esperança. Thus, the (3AO)was founded in 1999 in Adrian, MI to support the activities of the Fundação Esperança.

In order to supplement income to offset expenses administrating Amazon-Africa Aid, several fund raisers are held every year. Our most successful fund raisers in the US involve a spinoff on the old “casino night”, that used to be a staple of PTAs and women’s auxiliary units in small towns, but organized so that the players are located all across the country. The most popular game is slots, because it does not require much skill, and can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. By partnering with websites featuring
online slots USA | slot games for US players
, our fundraising is not limited to the number of donors able to fit into a limited space. We’ve had literally thousands of contributors playing not only slots, but roulette, blackjack, and other games of chance simultaneously both entertained and raising funds. Our last event raised over $50,000 in one night. Because of this we’re expanding the effort to include many more countries – we have many willing online casinos ready to participate and have made inquiries to limit the legal restrictions that some countries impose on gambling.

The Original Founder: Luke Tupper
Fr. Luke, a former Navy and Marine Corps doctor, first witnessed the medical deprivation of the children of South America while traveling to the South Pole aboard a U.S. Navy icebreaker. After five years of Military service, Dr. Luke started a residency in plastic surgery at the University of Chicago. Haunted by the memories of the children, he resigned his residency and entered the Franciscan Order. After his ordination, Fr. Luke was assigned to Brazil and began the overwhelming task of bringing medical care to people in the region. Without money, medicine, vaccines, or equipment, Fr. Luke was determined to reduce the appalling infant mortality rate which approached 50% in some isolated villages. Help poured in form the United States and Europe. 

In 1972, a medical clinic, the Clinica Dos Pobres (Clinic of the Poor) was completed.
The Clinica Dos Pobres became the cornerstone of the Fundação Esperança. Over the years, other buildings have been constructed to house the burgeoning training programs, including a dental clinic, laboratory, operating theater and recovery rooms, classrooms, and living quarters for students and medical volunteers. Luke passed away on September 18, 1978. He was killed in a motorcycle accident while continuing his studies at Ohio State University. Though Luke may be gone, his legacy of compassion and caring continues.

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Forever Wars

Some wars in Africa never seem to end. This is because they are not really wars in the traditional sense. The people fighting do not have an overwhelming ideology or a clear list of goals. They do not care about taking over capitals or cities. In fact they prefer the bush, where it’s easier to commit crime. These rebels do not need to win converts because to them stealing other people’s children to put an ax, gun or other weapon in their hands is just as good. You will find this if you examine any major conflict in the area.

First world countries have their share of issues, but people in America have no idea what life is like in these African countries. How can some one whose job is to procure janitorial supplies including paper towels, toilet paper, hand soaps, cleaning products for floors, garbage bags, trash cans to even finding the proper for sanitary napkin disposal dispenser for the company they work for really comprehend the every day horrors Africans in the bush live with? I say this because my brother does order janitorial supplies from an online company every month and I have discussed the “Forever Wars” with him. He’s sympathetic, but then goes on with his life, his problems at work, situations with his neighbors, issues with his teenage kids etc. Mundane stuff, but more important to him. And as I sit at my desk writing this article, even I can’t comprehend the reality of what life must be like for many people in Africa..

The classic African liberation movement is in decline and what we are seeing is the proliferation of something much wider, messier and more violent.

What we see spreading across Africa is actually just opportunistic, heavily armed banditry. Combat has morphed from soldier vs. soldier (rare in Africa now) to soldier vs. civilian. Today African fighters are predators not rebels with a cause. All across the country we see atrocities like eastern Congo’s rape epidemic. In recent years armed groups have sexually assaulted hundreds of thousands of women, often so sadistically that the victims are left incontinent for life. Terror has become the only way of life.

Nearly half the continent’s 53 countries are now home to an active conflict or a recently ended one. Even tourist friendly Kenya blew up in 2008. More than 5 million have died in the Congo alone since 1998, the International Rescue Committee has estimated. There is a death toll of tens of thousands of civilians each year.

If you could coax these men out of the jungle lairs and get them to sit down for negotiations, there’s not much to offer. They only seem to want money, soldiers, guns and license to rampage. They have everything they want right now. How do you negotiate anything with that?

You must address this problem at the root. To stop these atrocities action must be taken to capture or kill the people leading in this slaughter. Many of these organizations would likely disappear as soon as the person leading is gone. In Liberia, the moment that warlord-turned-president Charles Taylor was arrested in 2006 was the same moment that the curtain dropped on the gruesome circus of 10-year-old killers wearing Halloween masks. As was the case in Angola. Diamond-smuggling rebel leader Jonas Savimbi was shot, bringing a sudden end to one of the Cold War’s most intense conflicts.

Countless dollars, hours, and lives were wasted on rounds of talks that will culminated in such clear cut & immediate results. Even with the threat of indictments of rebel leaders for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court those fighting are sure never to give up. Unfortunately, the region looks pretty godforsaken.