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We’re still uncertain as to the status of the Amazon-Africa charity; while they are still listed on the Charity.com database (http://www.charity.com/charities/charity_listings/1219.shtml), we cannot confirm that their charitable work currently continues.

We received a very large infusion of funds as well as donated products from several corporate sponsors including pet products business and an disease management company that has been providing testing kits for common sexually transmitted diseases which can be conducted by anyone. And this std test kit is easy to use and can be conducted in the privacy of your home, which is a huge advantage when it comes to this sensitive issue. Many people refuse to be tested simply because of the humiliation they feel just acknowledging the need to be tested. In Africa, this is especially problematical due to social customs and the general lack of understanding about stds.

The pet products company’s products include dog doors of all types as well as may other top brand pet products to customers all over the US. I even have installed one of their electronic dog doors / cat doors here at my own place out in the country. It certainly makes it convenient for my pets to get outside without any one having to open or close doors. The electronic pet doors are collar activated using RFID, magnetic or electro-magnetic technologies, so you don’t have tp worry about the neighbors animals or wild creatures getting into your home. That’s just one of their products that I can vouch for.

Let me give you a bit of a run down on each of these disparate yet generous e-commerce companies. The disease management company provided mainly free products provided to our medical units for use in remote areas. The pet store company offers products from a number of smaller companies that hire local people in economically distressed areas in the US. They have helped the local community by providing many jobs. They pride themselves on unsurpassed quality and attention to customer service. We hope with the monies we receive, we can help bankroll, obviously smaller scale, yet still locally based businesses that will help our Amazon and African communities.

The age management medicine site advocates preventive protocols for older adults, as well as treatments to alleviate aging symptoms such as a decline in sexual function, an increase in abdominal fat, loss of muscle mass, slower recovery from exercise and injuries, bone thinning, poorer skin quality, loss of strength and cardiovascular conditioning, and slower brain function. Older adults in the Amazon and African nations could all benefit from age management medicine. However, for them, treatments would more likely focus on education, helping to manage the ravaging effects of tropical diseases, better nutrition, and finding alternatives to providing safe drinking water. Even in countries such as the United States and Europe, only the wealthier people can afford age management treatments since their health insurance companies in the US don’t recognize the benefits of their age management protocols. Nevertheless, perhaps sometime in the far, far future the peoples of the Amazon Basin area and African countries standard of living has advanced so they too can spend time finding health alternatives for their aging population that doesn’t just focus on serious basic healthcare services, but on optional health care services.

However, for those interested, we’ve rounded up some of the associated organizations’ websites for those who wish to follow Amazon-Africa’s lead.

(all quotes from the respective websites)

  • Pastoral do Menor http://www.pastoraldomenor.org — to “promote and defend the lives of at risk children and adolescents, and encourage society to embrace this cause.” A faith-based regional charity.
  • Fundação Esperança http://theaccommodation.wordpress.com/fundacao-esperanca/ — “provides low cost health services and education to the Santarém community”. The blog linked here has numerous especially- relevant resources.
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  • Amizade Global Service-Learnin http://amizade.org/ — “From working with women and girls on rainwater harvesting initiatives in rural Tanzania to running at-risk youth camps in Jamaica, Amizade volunteers have transformed and been transformed.”This note worthy organization empowers individuals and communities throughout the world by recruiting students looking to study abroad, individuals seeking a unique volunteer experience, groups interested in a customized volunteer experience, and even faculty interested in leading a service-learning program. Whether you want to remain in the United States and volunteer in such areas / cities as Appalachia, The Navajo Nation, Washington, D.C. or Pittsburgh or travel to such countries as Bolivia, Brazil, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Trinidad & Tobago, Poland, Tanzania, Nicaragua , Amizade Global Service may be a perfect fit for you.

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