Brazil Programs

Brazil Programs
Poverty and the problems associated with poverty such as inadequate housing, poor health and nutrition, and a failing educational system are prevalent throughout Santarém and its surrounding regions. The average monthly income is equivalent US$100. Due to a lack of adequate infrastructure in rural areas, the migration of people to Santarém has been very large. The city has a population of over 250,000 people. Consequently, the city, with its already limited resources, has not been able provide services for the ever-growing population and has been unable to address the expanding rate of poverty, especially for those who live in the periphery of Santarém.
The following describes our activities:
•    Child’s Life Program
•    Children’s Center
•    Dental Clinic
•    Diabetic Program
•    Laboratory
•    Medical Clinic
•    Quilombo Project
•    Reproductive Health Education
•    Surgery Program
•    Well Drilling Program
•    Women’s Health Program
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Overcoming poverty is the key to success on all levels in these societies. Advances in housing, health care, nutrition and perhaps most importantly education, can only come when fundamental needs are met. In general, we believe that by bringing attention to the right communities, that support can be found, often locally, but that either government or NGO assistance is essential to an effective campaign when no other systems are in place or viable. Grants are wonderful if they could only exist in greater numbers, but nothing is as effective as direct intervention. Troops on the ground as it were, except these troops are doctors and educators. The problems are much more complex than obvious – inserting money and people must come along with knowledge of local means of production, and how this is connected to the tradition and customs of the people. For example, farming assistance that does not address the local food choices, pest, soil, weather, and water conditions will fail. “Smart aid” is what we need, and lots of it. We are attempting to provide educated assistance. Please support our efforts to help the people of Santarém and its surrounding regions.

Please Give To Our Supporters
Give the gift of an imagination and confidence.
A special thanks to Royal Pools & Spas, a company based in New York, USA and their customers. One of the principals in the company that sells pool supplies in Orange County, New York heard about our needs here in Brazil. The company created donation centers at each of their stores to inform customers of our plight. The outpouring of monetary donations was amazing. The monies will be used to help our Medical Clinic and the Children’s Center. We thank you for your generosity.

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