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Literacy Programs– In the Amazon, children’s reading material is virtually non-existent. In an effort to stimulate reading and improve literacy, 3AO, in conjunction with local school, is developing the Amazon Children’s Newsletter. The newsletter, published monthly, will include a series of articles, puzzles, and games designed to help children develop reading and critical thinking skills.

Education – Investing in the Future –
We know this journey to succeed is often like attempting a climb on the North Face of a steep North American mountain. (For those folks who are not mountain climbers, the north face of a mountain is generally the most difficult face to climb. If you wear a backpack you may be familiar with the North Face brand, whose name and logo of Half Dome in Yosemite were chosen for their significance in the world of mountain climbing.) For those starting out, the mountain climb may be discovering and learning the skills are both valuable and enjoyable. Elie Sno had an interest in creating web sites for fun, and enrolled in a computer science course. The class on internet skills introduced her to the importance of search engines and the concept of seo. In class, she had an epiphany that motivated her to research how Google ranks search results, leading to an effort to rank her own site. She researched hosting plans, domain acquisition, link strategies, doing arcane searches for “domain name servers” and “ reviews” and “private blog networks.” Friends, neighbors, and local businesses started seeking her help with their computers and websites. Elie soon had a growing business – and a career sparked by education. She is still climbing her mountain and enjoying the quest.

Likewise our goals require a steep climb, and although challenging, we believe through 3AO and Fundação Esperança our goals will be meet and we will succeed. These organizations have been working hard to alleviate many of the health problems facing Santarem, we understand for change to occur, we need to improve the economic conditions as well. The key to economic development is education. With the help of USAID’s American Schools and Hospitals Abroad, 3AO and the Fundação Esperança have been able to expand our education programs:

Vocational Education – CEPTE – The Centro de Educação Profissional e Technologico Esperança – (CEPTE) is 3AO and Fundação Esperança’s vocational training program. CEPTE offers over 13 courses in work safety, dental hygiene, nursing, secretarial skills, communications, and many others. The courses are offered on two levels: (a) auxiliary level for students that have completed elementary school; (b) technical level for students that have completed high school. All the courses are recognized by the state department of education and diplomas are valid nationally. Last year, over 650 students participated in CEPTE courses in four municipalities.

Vocational Education – Nurse Training – A study found that the majority of nurses practicing in the western part of the state of PAra did not have a high school education and some did not have an elementary school eduction. As part of a health grant from the Brazilian government, 3AO and Fundação Esperança offer a training program for nurse auxiliaries in 23 towns. The program provides students with ther GED (graduate equivalency degree) and then provides formal nursing courses to improve their professional practice.

University Education – IESPES – The Instituto Esperança de Ensino Superior (IESPES) is a fully accredited four year college that is operated by the Fundação Esperança. IESPES currently offers degree programs in Teacher Education, Administration, and Tourism. In 2003, over 700 students were enrolled, and in 2004, we will have over 1,000 students enrolled. Also in 2004, IESPES plans to add degree programs in Communication, Social Services, and Information Technology.

Legal Education – Adult life experiences – Taxes. Some tax filings are influenced by unique circumstances. Consider the case of a non profit organization that received a large reward after winning a legal claim following a trucking accident that occurred during a benefit for the NPO. Thanks to the expertise of a well known South African law firm of expert, US trained Texas truck accident lawyers who handled the case, the non profit organization received a significant award. Normally truck injury attorneys are engaged for lawsuits involving injuries on roadways of the United States. Truck accident lawyers have vast knowledge of domestic laws and are dedicated to helping injured parties get the full amount of compensation for their injuries. But these kinds of windfalls may be subject to taxation and this course is one that explains some of the pitfalls that result from ignorance of the law.

Training Programs – Since education is the key to improving lives, 3AO and Fundação Esperança’s Training Programs are an investment in the future. Educational opportunities range from workshops to Masters Programs. Each course integrates an active practicum allowing students to gain first experience in their field.

•    Vocational Training Center – CEPTE
•    Nurse Training
•    University Training – IESPES

The Fundação Esperança and 3AO support other community projects such as:

•    Pastoral do Menor
•    Amizade

Elouise Harper is not only our volunteer copywriter, but also our bookkeeper and event organizer. In her spare time she and her daughter collect photos of vintage ( dresses which are on display in the Community Center.

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