There are plenty of things to do on vacation around the world. You can spend your time and money in an endless array of places doing on unlimited number of activities. I have gone to some pretty amazing places and experienced some awesome things. I can say that I have done things that people have on their bucket list. Even better I can say that I’ve done some things that people will never get stricken from their bucket list. You will never know what it is to live until you have visited some of the exotic places I’ve been. Places such as Alaska When the day is little more than a lighter shade of black. What about the northern lights? Ever witnessed them? Have you ever been able to walk on the great wall of china or see the great barrier reef?

You see, I know a good time from awe inspiring. There is fun and then there is inspirational. That is why you should believe me when I say that you will find some of the best places to go in Africa You will also find that some of the best things in the entire world to see, are in Africa. Africa is full of amazing things so if you are interested in going somewhere that will satisfy many of your human needs for thrills, adventure, beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, delicious food, awe inspiring history and an amazing wildlife interactions. You can go to Africa only one time and be changed forever nut you can go one hundred times and never see everything there is to see.

Let me run down a few of my favorites. If you go, I suggest you start in Egypt. Let me tell you right now that there is no comparison to the great pyramids or other enormous man made structures. There will be few experiences to compare to watching the sun rise over pyramids. You will love the people and the food, it’s a guarantee. When you are done with Egypt I highly recommend you visit Morocco. There you will find Marrakech, Merzouga and Fes. You will absolutely fall in love with the entire country. Kenya is where you will find some of the best Safari’s on the entire continent. You will also find Diani Beach another must see. Next is South Africa, you must see Cape Town for the sweeping views, beaches and gardens… Finally Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is the perfect place for lovers and families alike. Some of the most drastic views the world has to offer. You can see a Moonbow (Rainbow caused by a full moon shining through the cascade) or enjoy what some consider the best white water rafting the planet has to offer here.